About Mackerel

Latin name: Scomber scombrus

In the Faroe Islands Mackerel is called Makrelur. The Atlantic mackerel is a pelagic fish that travels in large shoals in the upper layers of the ocean and can be recognised by the dark tiger-like stripes across its blue back. The sides are silver with a tinge of purple and the stomach is white.The Atlantic mackerel can grow to 70 cm in length, but averages around 30-40 cm when caught.

The Atlantic mackerel has a dark flesh that is firmer, fatter and juicier than that of fish with white meat.

Atlantic mackerel has become increasingly popular with chefs over the last years, as its rich, full and delicious taste works well in many different types of dishes. Mackerel can be fried, cooked, grilled and smoked.

Today’s modern fishing gear and high-tech freezing facilities allow the Faroese industry to provide fresh Atlantic mackerel to consumers all around the world. The cooling process is crucial to preserving the mackerel’s excellent fresh taste.

Faroese fishing vessels cool the mackerel in refrigeration tanks and the factories on land are some of the most advanced in the world, securing the cooling process throughout the entire production. This ensures that mackerel produced in the Faroe Islands is properly preserved from the moment it is caught until it is in the hands of the retailer.

Source: faroeseseafood

Our products

We produce IQF mackerel fillets well suited for smoking. We aim to produce fillets where the structure of the meat is preserved. To reach this goal the fillets are individual frozen and glased. The fillets can be packed graded or ungraded.

The fillets are IQF and glaced
The fillets are packed into 5 kg boxes.