About us

Tavan was established in 1994. At this time there was an economic crisis in the Faroe Islands and the unemployment rate was high. Tavan was founded with the goal of creating jobs in the local area. The company started to produce minced silver smelt. At the beginning the empty factory buildings in the village of Leirvík were rented for this purpose. The buldings were bought in 1997 and company is still located in these buildings.

Today Tavan is the world’s highest quality processor of minced silver smelt. Being located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, Tavan has access to some of the world’s finest raw materials, making it the supplier of choice. Besides the silver smelt Tavan also produces other fish products. Almost from the beginning Tavan started to produce products from Demersal fish but lately we have installed a line to produce pelagic fish.

Today we therefore have a large assortment from different fish species.

The development of the company and the impact Tavan has had on the local area was acknowledged in 2010 by the Faroese Industry when Tavan was given the title Company of the year.