Silver Smelt

About Silver Smelt

Latin name: Argentina silus

The silver smelt is part of the Argentinidae family of fish, also called herring smelts. The silver smelt is a small silver and yellowish fish that has a golden shimmer to it, when freshly caught. Silver smelt can get up to 60 cm.

The white meat of the silver smelt is mild and has a high level of protein. This results in the meat retaining significant amounts of moisture. The silver smelt is ideal for fishcakes and other dishes using minced fish and the mild taste makes it ideal for mixing with other more spicy flavours.

Our Production

The product consists of frozen boneless and skinless minced fish meat. The Silver Smelt is machine-cut to butterfly fillets. The fillets are monitored and trimmed before minced in a mincer with maximum 3 mm hole size. The mince is packed into fully waxed cardboard liner, packed and frozen.

Each block weights 7,5 kg.

H-liner with minced silver smelt

Each unit consist of 120 blocks.

Unit of 120 blocks minced silver smelt

Additional information

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